Alena 5 + modrá Brilantquilt 140x200 cm
pillowcase 70x90 cm
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KANAFAS CZ s.r.o. carries on the old Postrekov’s textile manufacturer’s tradition which in this Chodsko region village begun as far as in the 18th century.

Our products are exported all over the world. They are given in to exacting testings for example by the Textile probationary institute in Brno.

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Let us introduce you our new collection called VERONA.

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Milena + losos
small curtains
100x110 cm
1990 Kč
Jiřina 1
quilt 140x200 cm
pillowcase 70x90 cm
1200 Kč
Zbyněk + napron oranž 5
table cloth 120x140 cm
+ tea cloth 70x70 cm
399 Kč